Fatherhood is something to be proud of, Not held in contempt by moms, new or otherwise.

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Fatherhood is an important subject that never seems to get the attention it really deserves, Even on Fathers Day.

The Below Makes a statement that is completely true about the term; Gatekeeper. click the link below to read the article.

“And although classes may be filled with dirty diapers and crying babies, Somerfeld equally focuses on the mental and emotional preparation needed for fatherhood. His biggest piece of advice for new dads: beware of the gatekeeper. This is a common occurrence with new moms who may feel and behave as if she’s the only one who can properly care for the baby and she pushes others away, including dad. New dads need to hold their ground and remind mom that there’s more than one right way to care for the baby and both parents have something to offer.

Somerfeld, who is a stay at home dad, created NYC Dads Group and daddy boot camp in a response to the lack of support for men compared to new moms. Similar groups are popping up nationwide as the gender roles continue to shift and more dads are becoming the primary childcare provider in the household. New dads should reach out to local organizations to find support systems in their community…and get some sleep now!”

Fatherhood means a lot to me and being denied that Right is and will only hurt the Child or Children in the middle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Remember…Fathers Have Rights to Fatherhood

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