Fathers Rights

Article by Shane Flait,

Under our present government, a fit father is generally denied his right to parent his children under a divorce or paternity action. But the government – in the guise of the family court – then denies more of his fundamental rights while extorting money from him under the euphemism of child support for the mother’s use. No law requires this extorted money to be used for the child.

These denials of rights are clear transgressions of the Bill of Rights and the further amendments as clarified in Supreme Court case laws. That makes them a denial of a father’s constitutional rights. And laws that violate constitutional rights are invalid. So, they are not to be obeyed.

The courts transgress the fundamental rights of fathers using alleged ‘greater excellent’ justifications such as ‘the best interests of the child’ and ‘safety of women’. But that’s illegal since nothing trumps the constitutional rights and protections – the unalienable rights – that every individual has and for which our government was formed. Individual rights and protections are the greater goods.

Nevertheless, the family courts’ unconstitutional behavior and rulings are backed by an enormous, multi billion dollar industry associated with divorce and domestic violence which thrives on transgressions of a father’s rights. This industry is funded directly through government laws or revenue agencies, court-ordered payments, or indirectly through court-related fees, costs and obligations.

This industry consists of judges, lawyers, social workers, single mothers, state and federal revenue agencies, and more…as well as feminist-based organizations. Feminist-oriented organizations initiated this industry when they instigated legislative laws that quite clearly deny constitutional rights to men under accusations of abuse. They perverted the meaning of abuse beyond an objective standard too which assures simple abuse of men’s constitutional protections.

The legislative power and money of this industry is unparalleled. They propagandize heavily against supposedly abusive fathers and men to promote their ‘greater excellent’ procedures and agenda. Men are continually propagandized as abusers or deadbeats to blind the public to the truth. But, of course, denying the constitutional protections for these men and fathers allows this industry never to have to prove alleged abuse accusations or to delight in extorting fit fathers for money they often can’t pay.

Never, but never is the public made aware of the clear constitutional denials that fathers and other men suffer under this ‘greater excellent’ tyranny. Our republic has fallen to an internally grown tyranny – one centered on control of society under feminist, anti-father agendas that breakdown families, hurt children, and deny fathers their constitutional rights.

There are just too many hands in this industry’s till and too many people who benefit through the money and agenda that this industry offers. Many are greedy, many have an agenda and many are just too cowardly to object to what is clearly incorrect. They, together, constitute a tyranny against fathers, family, and our freedoms – a tyranny many people are worried to stand up against.

Fathers rights advocates who push for new laws that presumably will force the government to protect their rights are wasting their time. Experience shows that they really can’t make a sizeable dent. The system including most of the female population will not give up its power – its tyrannical power to deprive fathers and their children of liberty.

Worse, yet, is that fathers advocates really justify the way the system of ‘alleged greater goods’ is set-up with its tyrannical control over parents and individuals. They argue not for their fundamental rights and what freedom means, but for ‘better interests of the child’ or for even ‘safer protections for women’ by their increased participation in carrying out such tyrannical control. At best these fathers’ advocates are dupes – welcomed dupes by the feminist controllers. At worse they are of the same ilk as the controllers or too cowardly to speak the truth and demand their rights.

Face it. If this tyranny can ignore laws that reflect clear and long standing constitutional rights for the protection of individuals, it will ignore any new constitutional protective law fathers advocates get on the books – if that were possible. More than likely, the rights-compromising legislation that many fathers’ advocates push justifies the present divorce and domestic violence system with its tyrannical control of society and its denial fundamental rights.

Society, fathers, families and children don’t need a more palatable tyranny. Fathers are now enslaved to this tyranny. Don’t let that be your legacy to your children.

Now is the time for truth – and only truth. Truth that exposes the feminist propaganda of lies and distortions about men, truth to reveal the deprivations of individual rights pertaining to fathers that is rampant under the feminist-instigated divorce and domestic violence tyranny.

*Truth about what freedom and liberty really means:

Your freedom and liberty gives you the right to own and maintain your property, your children, your earnings and the right to constitutional protections that prevent a tyranny from taking any of them away at its whim. Without serious – and real – incorrect doing, you are not to lose your unalienable rights. That’s why they’re unalienable!

Fathers and the public deserve the truth first and foremost. Liberty comes from justice, but without truth you can’t get justice. If the system ignores the truth, the system must go.

Get the truth out, demand your rights, and tear down the tyranny that enslaves you. It’ll take courage but if you do, your children will have received justice from you.

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